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I Believe My Heart (Pop Version)

This song is by Andrew Lloyd Webber and appears on the album Andrew Lloyd Webber - Gold (2006).

(Verse 1 - Duncan)
Whenever I see your face,
The world disappears,
All in a single glance so,
You smile and I feel as though,
I've known you for years.
How do I know to trust what,
I'm feeling

I believe my heart,
What else can I do
When every part of every thought
Leads me straight to you.
I believe my heart,
There's no other choice,
For now whenever my heart speaks,
I can only hear,
Your voice

(Verse 2 - Keedie)
The life-time before we met,
Has faded away.
How did I live a moment,
Without you,
You don't have to speak at all,
I know what you'd say,
And I know every secret,
About you.

(Chorus 2 - Keedie)
I believe my heart,
It believes in you,
It's telling me that what I see,
Is completely true.
I believe my heart,
How can it be wrong
It says that what I feel for you
I will feel my whole life long.

(Chorus 3 - Duncan and Keedie)
I believe my heart.
It believes in you.
It's telling me that what I see is completely true.
And with all my soul
I believe my heart.
The portrait that it paints of you
Is a perfect work,
Of art.

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