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Christine Disembarks

This song is by Andrew Lloyd Webber and appears on the album Love Never Dies (2010).

(Has the Persephone docked yet?
Yeah, the passengers are going through customs now
Here they come!

It's Mrs. Aster!
Hey, Mrs. Aster, over here!
Hey, how was the trip?
Is that the latest Paris style?

Look, there's Colonel Vanderbilt!
Hey, Colonel, enjoyed those French pastries, did you?
There's nothing there we don't have bigger and better over here, I assure you
Thanks, Colonel!

There, that's Oscar Hammerstein, ain't it?
Hey, Mr. H, over here, this way!
H-How was Europe?
Hey, there she is!
Miss Daae! Miss Daae!
Christine! Miss Daae!)

(Her name is Madame de Chagny, now stand aside, stand aside please! No pictures, do you hear? No pictures of my wife. No pictures of the boy!)

Reporter 1
(Hey, Christine, why Coney Island?)

Reporter 2
(Your first concert in years, why ain't you singing at the Met?)

(The countess has been engaged by a well-known impresario.)

(No one's ever seen the guy!)
(Hey, how do you lure the great Christine Daae over here, anyways?)
(It's the money right?)
(Yeah, all that American moolah?)
(Oh, hey, Christine, what'cha you gonna sing, "Yankee Doodle Moolah"?)

(My wife is an artist, sir!)

(Yeah, and her art is paying off your gambling debts! It's what they're saying in France.)
(Is it true you left your entire fortune on a roulette table in Monte Carlo?)

(Why, you insolent jackal! How dare you!)


(Not now, Gustave.)

(Hey kid! How's it feel to have a famous mother?)
(This your first time in America? What do you plan to do here at Coney?)

(I-I want to learn how to swim.)

(I said leave the child alone. God's sake! Didn't this Mr. Y send someone to receive us?)

Mother, look!
Right over there
Across the square
What is it?

Music by:

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Lyrics by:

Glenn Slater and Charles Hart


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