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All For Laura

This song is by Andrew Lloyd Webber and appears on the musical soundtrack The Woman in White (2004).

Inner voices keeping me awake - will I ever sleep again?
Reassessing everything I've done, choices that I can't explain.
All for Laura, this is what I prayed.
All for Laura - how I betrayed you.
With our old life ever out of reach,
Look at what I've let you do.
God forgive me, look at what I've done,
Look how I protected you!
All for Laura, shouldn't I have known?
I know one thing: We are alone now!
I sent away the man, the man that we could trust,
The only man that we both loved.
All for Laura, was it really you,
Who I was thinking of?
All for Laura, but at the start
Were you foremost in my heart?

All for Laura, that's how I'll live,
Till I save you, till you forgive me.
I'll dedicade my life, I swear upon my soul
I'll find a way to set you free.
All for Laura till my dying breath,
Long as you're in need of me.
I will somehow learn to be strong.
I will live to right this wrong.

I will help you.
I can help you both - he must never win again.
I can trust you, and I have a way
We can stop this evil man.

It's amazing - I see her face!

I have come here to save your sister.
Tomorrow at this time bring her here to me.
But promise that you'll be alone.
I've a secret, and when it's told,
It will surely bring him down.

Tell me now, please!

Only for Laura.

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