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This song is by Andrew Jackson Jihad.

Hey everything, fuck you
I hate everything you do to me
I despise every lie I've come to believe
And I hate every evil thing that I see
This juxtaposition of good and bad
Reminds me of the best and the worst dreams I've had
I'm either too happy or fucking sad
And I can't keep up with that
And my job what a shame
Just a mountain of death filling up my brain
I am always tied to the tracks of the train
Desperately afraid of going insane (like my family)

And I'd like to take advantage of a flock of wild birds
To make to make my escape from this planet
To make to make my escape from this planet

Christ almighty I am thirsty
I'm forever fat and ugly
Stumbling bumbling bastard stubbly
Faces will always be hungry
And I don't know if I am capable of helping anyone
I am at the mercy of emotions of my better friends

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