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Rancid Amputation

This song is by Andrew Hansen.

This song is a cover of "Rancid Amputation" by Cannibal Corpse.
Ripping through flesh is what I do best
Tear off an arm, amputated neck
Eyes removed, cranium smashed
Decomposing remains, severed in half

Torsos hang from their own intestines
Ripped of all bodily extensions
Stumps writhing with infection
Suffering a rancid amputation

My muscles tighten as I feel the rush
I look at your corpse starting to gush
Internal rot beginning to clot
I'll swallow your pus

Suffering a rancid, suffering a rancid, suffering through a rancid amputation

Hack, rip, slice, carve, chop, tear
Carvin' out your eyeballs, watch them stare
Tear, rip, slice, carve, chop, hack
Shove the entrails into a sack

Dying slowly never to rest
Nerves are quivering as I rip
Removal of life on the blade of my knife

(And now my very favourite Cannibal Corpse lyric of all)

Rape the limbless cadaver.

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