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Liszt (In English)

This song is by Andrea Bocelli.

I should like just one moment more
for my dream of love,
and I would be able to captivate you
with the sweetest song from my heart.
But you do not hear my cry
and perhaps have forgotten when you held me tight
and, amid kisses, whispered to me:
"I shall never forget you!"

My love, if you knew how bitter it is!
Everything here still speaks of you,
I weep and laugh and cry and speak and tremble
and hope, so as not to die!
But meanwhile my tremulous soul
burns with pain
and a dream of love sparks into life:
caresses, kisses, ectasy I shall never know again!

O beloved lips, o hands I adored,
I shall never be able to love like that again!
O dear voice, o heart which opened to me,
why, why did love come to an end?
Love, love, love!

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