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U Beezy

This song is by Andre Nickatina and Mac Dre and appears on the album A Tale of Two Andres (2008) by Andre Nickatina and Mac Dre.

"I'm at the club chipped up, diamonds in my mouth. Collar Flipped up on my Levi Strauss, When I leave thy house, boy I'm always hipped up me and dre whipped up at the bar gettin' ripped up double shot grey goose dirty martini, I'm albubu of the lamp I'm the genie can't do the genie when I thizzle wiggle on'em can't handle'em sick drizzle on'em man I'm too bad going off two bags of rappers delight not the shit that you had don't fuckin' push it patna I push it, I got that long and I kush it I push it. push it push it real good I feel good kilo passed it back so why can't I feel good, I make hits not pop flys and wear more ice then boxers with black eyes. (Andre N.) man I don't tell dem bitches that I'm goin' to tha party 'cause if I tell them bitches hoe will tell everybody my ? bought the nakamichi I'm in tha shoe store tryin' gators when ya see me you don't speek. I hit vegas for a whole week, I try ta catch tha tears that be comin' down ma sons cheek you praise ron king I like don king I'm gettin' money 'n' ain't even in tha damn ring, I turn around like there's police sirens, I always tell broke bitches that pimps is hirin now. So take a paragraph or write a paragraph tha homie bangin' I can see 'cause he wear a flag I hit tha energizer bunny with a duracell I hit ? on time for tha leather sale I grab two blunts straight out tha swisher box gotta get tha same rush and shoot again from ma glock my shoes match ma socks I like ta have a knot my old crack neighborhood was called bedrock we like to fight back you need to light that this church preach about tha bible of a rap cat I keep it movin like hoes that's choosin' hittin privigen hennessy wit em' all in tha afternoonin' I run through tha city like it's grand larsony don't hit tha after party bitch what's stoppin' me
I dress properly
Don't try to copy me
I hang with pimps that say niggas neva knockin' me I like to talk trash espcially when I walk fast movin through the airport with my blue polo bag"

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