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P-Nut Butter Breakdown

This song is by Andre Nickatina & Equipto and appears on the album Midnight Machine Gun Rhymes And Alibis (2002).

I'm a forseer
Mind reader
Leave ya
In a lyrical siezure
Ya hit em wit a (ten team visa)
No lecture or (??????)
The spectrum I cover
Spreads throughtout reigons
So fuck what your speaking on
Find a way to stay high like cheech and chong
Im a blow
On the dough
Always fading the portion
Blazing like portland
Always late for appointments
The love, support, a autograph
Wit my cousin
We caught (drafted)
Keep mashing
Baby roll hash and weed
Fd call me audacity

Nigga roll the weed up
Kick ya feet up
Turn the beat up
Put ya heat up
Blow your chopper
I won't stop ya
It's like a playboy bunny that's proper
Pineapple crush I lust like gun thrust
Tough as an elephant tusk that moves bus
Hyena style when I laugh and foul
Lyrics that ripple like the waves of the nile
P-nut butter breakdown jelly shakedown
Freeway fury when a tigah gotta make rounds

I blast through on the way to clocks ticken
And all the drama couldnt make me stop spittin
Im not kiddin
Give a fuck if you got (pimpin)
And man he's still sleepin as the plot thickens
With no clue, no idea
For when it goes down
Cant be living in fear

Drop somethimg for the ears of these eavesdroppers
E droppers, p poppers and recopers
Block monsters stomping turf poppers
To concerts packed which bring the profit
Dont stop it girl sing the hook
Matter fact pop that open it like a book
Wanna see you break laws for a city side crook
Before you fall to the side for a look
In the back of the ride get off the hook
Got niggas in line that feel took
Cant be shook bout doing this thing we do
Get ya doing what we all came to do
City side!!

I want to see yall do your thang
And if you ridin real fly
Then make it swang
And get down
Just roll around
Peanut butter breakdown

My kenneth cole leather boots stay so polished
I keep money trick even tho I didn't go to college
Fillmoe gave me straight knowledge
So when I spit these raps
Man I drop em like hydraulics
But keep it on the down-low
Bustin like a full pound hoe
Nba live certified niggah kickin it live
Like 2 bullets that race thru the sky
Show me a hole I'ma run right thru it
Earl campbell, I'll ramble and gamble and scramble
The whole architect of this beat
Check this out you little ol freak

I came in the game hands up full of innocence
Came out looking hungry for benefits
But how did I get in that position
Where all so called real rappers listen
They shifted to see these facts are twisted
Your skills get lost in the last dimension
Eleminate hate thats surounding me
High speeds smoking weed at 3000 feet
I hot box reach out to stop plot
Connect the dot and give a fuck if you respect or not
Because im a swisher sweet addict
Rip the beat fanatic
Kick the rap attack
Then yall plan it

When I was 12
I was told by the big homie either you gone' mac
Or you gonna be a macaroni
Never fuck around on the field
Less you gone be on the field
Doin it for real
Last year was a real hot summer
I had three warrants
So they sent 2 bounty hunters
Sweatin like a gun runner
The gift I spit I bring sight back to stevie wonder
I don't give money to chickens
The freak stop trippin
When you see me politicin
Like nixon
On suspension
Or probation
Investigation, word
Whether it's yo jiff or skippy's
P-nut butter bullets if you come and get me
Freak ur choosin ok I like that
Now get a cognac freak and come right back
Nickatina rappin at a 100 degrees
That's money women and a gang of weed...E

Just ride around
Peanut butter breakdown

I want to see yall do your thang
And if you ridin real fly
Then make it swang
And get down
Just roll around
Peanut butter breakdown

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