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Cobra Status

This song is by Andre Nickatina and appears on the album Cocaine Raps (1997) and on the album Raven In My Eyes (1998).

My drug ...(?) 'cause they come in flocks
I can't sleep 'cause when I do I think the game gon' stop
So I'm awake like an owl at a quarter to three
I hit your window with a nickel, whatsup baby it's me

Where I'm from we hate cops like we were bred to do it
Believe in Nike signs and gettin' high, so bitch just do it
Right or wrong over right, we'll disobey
Smokin' weed, plottin (?) greed, listenin' to Shaday

Man I hustle all day, eatin' cat fish and stapper
Battle everyday and gat clappers to rappers (?)
Tryin' ta have paper from the bottom to the tip
Two words I can't resist, motherfucker or bitch
I lost a few nickels but I never drop dimes
Huh, Pisces is the rap sign

Cobra Status!
Swingin' like the man from Atlantis
A ho (?) like Houdini, but like Houdini I will vanish
Baby wuz nineteen with a big ol' ass
Shit, (?) gave a nigga whiplash

Don't ask me for money because I'm not gonna share it
Smokin' weed from Bob Marley 'cause ...(?)
You best hope this wax don't cut you
Hope one time don't bust you
This style will finger fuck you
And partna I just can't trust you
Cobra Status!

Recognize game when it's on your mind

You and that bitch playin' Andre rhymes
...(?) Situation like an SP-12
Go to hell, I made bail, Nigga fresh outta jail

With the look of a replican, shit gets deep
Already gunnin' up, and man I'm bumpin' the beat
Real pimp shit all in your bra
But it wuz me with this my little cousin Bobby Shaw

Cobra Status!
Nigga I'm the lost pimp of Gladis
Colder than a 40 heart that's shaked like a habit (?)
Nigga I'm a hawk, you a forest bunny rabbit
My crew stay true but we can also get savage

Cobra Status!

Bitch don't call me unless the party iz packed
And gangsta shit iz bumpin' on every track
Nigga them dice ain't got no love
Shakin' like a nigga scared behind his gun

'Cause see I tick like time and man I time like tick
Man niggas don't forget it that we sure don't forget it
It's your receiva, your 6 feet 'n' ova ...(?) ice creama
Rollin' chewy in a beama

With a poetic passion
And a functional fashion
Full tank of gas
And man I'm mashin'

Speed like a Z/28 tennant crow (?)
Look if you want
Your reflection will show
Cobra Status!

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