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Candy Rain

This song is by Andre Nickatina and appears on the album These R the Tales (2000) and on the compilation album Unreleased (2001).

Man if you know me, you know we homies
Its yo tiga, man the one and only
It's like the candy rain, all in the house of pain
And the one that hustle will survive, mane
When it comes to wrecking records, I'm like a bomb threat
Freeze 'em all, torch them then I watch them melt
I love being boss, I hate to take a loss
Keep my mind the same way as Microsoft
It's a conspiracy, and that'll never die
I opened up the sky, man and tell god "hi"
He said "What's up King Nicky?", I said "Man I'm parlayin"
He say I'm living reckless, I say "Lord, what you sayin'?"
He said "I'm gonna have to take you to a better place"
"If you don't slow down boy, yo and cut your pace"
I got like hella quit, I fired up the weed
Must a Tiga slow down his fast speed?
I hit the gas pedal, said "I'm a rap rebel
And man he let me have it, hand-delivered to the devil

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