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Alligator Blood

This song is by Andre Nickatina and appears on the compilation album Hell's Kitchen (2002).

Andre Nickatina
Caught up in the rhyme like a dopef iend, freaky heater back the fuck up if you cut your broke dreams, I keep the 40 fo' shizzle nizzle pizzle wizzle kizzle yeah with yellow skittles you might see me in the streets man with my mizzle, float like a condor, check me out when I soar run like a wild boar gods make the rains pour I'm in heels kitchen tiga you better listen money gon' be mad eand freaks gon' keep on bitchin actin' like a Georgetown press yeah ask for Nickatina you gettin' Nickatina man motha fuck the rest devils and runnin' rebels take it to other levels talkin' shit with a spliff behind the gas pedal
Alligator blood fangs the way we hustle yo its somthing like a drug mayn buckle up and take a ride through this cats brain and you'll see all the pain the strain the game no love mayn.
I'm from tha projects so you know I'm a project that money and weed be the susbject it's like a rough neck man witha tough deck spittin' game by the pound like what's next I can think of better things but in my brain it's like a colluseam tiga full of mother fuckin' raider games it's like its critical situation so critical it makes me play the smokey rob in a miracle don't touch that we break out like we hells bats went from sellin like crack yeah the raw raps, penaliz everything is on the finer line hear the noise see the light then its dramtize
You best control your BOSS theme or you'll be bustin' 44's in a lost dream sella tommy tucker up high like a Rahim lyrics still on the grill you feel you still you kill you nearly get the devils eye mothafucka yeah don't stare there or picture yourself up in the wheelchair paralyzed can't move from the war wounds wild dogs get to barkin at the full moon trust me I'm a such a liar spittin' for my desire rap and bang the same just like a church quire in harmony I keep it dope like a pharmacy pretty hoes that talk shit man don't bother me pardon me like a car sometimes startin me it's like a tune up then move up then you shoot up with a hyeena laugh style awake like a white owl rasin more eyebrows just with he profile smash pumpkin get away it's like I got away teachin de shore C K and MJ on a daily basis smellin like a red rose Chuck Taylors is the flavor for the street clothes.

More bass, and it goes like this, more bass, and it goes like that, mre bass. bass bass bass.

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