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Venice (2014)Edit

Anderson .Paak - Venice


  1. Waves
  2. Milk N' Honey
  3. The City
  4. Might Be
  5. Miss Right
  6. Put You On
  7. Already
  8. Dogtown
  9. I Miss That Whip
  10. Get 'em Up
  11. Paint
  12. Drugs
  13. Miki Doralude
  14. Luh You
  15. Right There
  16. Off the Ground

Malibu (2016)Edit

Anderson .Paak - Malibu


  1. The Bird
  2. Heart Don't Stand a Chance
  3. The Waters (featuring BJ The Chicago Kid)
  4. The Season / Carry Me
  5. Put Me Thru
  6. Am I Wrong (featuring ScHoolboy Q)
  7. Without You (featuring The Rapsody)
  8. Parking Lot
  9. Lite Weight (featuring The Free Nationals United Fellowship Choir)
  10. Room in Here (featuring The Game and Sonyae Elise)
  11. Water Fall (Interluuube)
  12. Your Prime
  13. Come Down
  14. Silicon Valley
  15. Celebrate
  16. The Dreamer (featuring Talib Kweli and Timan Family Choir)

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Anderson .Paak is a performance name for Brandon Park Anderson.

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Breezy Lovejoy

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