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Greasy Money

This song is by Anders Osborne and appears on the album Living Room (1999).

Greasy money
Ain't no tellin' where it's been
Grease ya money
It come back to you again
Ain't no missin' things you give away
Give it up, put a smile on someone's day
Greasy money
It comes back to you again

In times of wonder
Give all my dimes away
In times of wonder,
My guitar and me we'll play
A heart of care, is a heart that doesn't mind
What goes around, comes back to you in time
Up a yonder, greasy money comes your way

Easy money
No you know there ain't no such a thing
Easy money
It'll ruin everything
If you put it out it's bound to get back in
A lazy man is no man full of sin
Easy money
No there ain't no such a thing

Greasy money
You best keep your pocket full
Greasy money
Don't save a single bill
When I'm lonesome, I spend it till it ends
No money's good, till it's greased by your friends
Greasy money
It comes back to you again


Written by:

Anders Osborne

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