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When I Become Me

This song is by Anders Johansson.

I will make you see the stars,
far beyond the sun and mars.
If only you could wait, if only you could see.
If I only had the time, then I would be as, I would be

I'm the greatest of them all
The looser standing small
'Cause you just wait and see
Watch when I become me
Just better than before
You couldn't ask for more
I'm all I want to be
I'm more than you can see

I still wonder where you are.
Faith, it didn't take us far.
I never had a chance to show you who I am.
If only you were here, then I would be as, I would be


Oh, I never felt this good about myself.
Look at me, how I shine.
You never knew too much about me,
never seen this side of me.
This is me, look at me


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