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Don't Give Me That

This song is by Anders Johansson.

I'm back in the race,
I'm feelin' alive again.
You've taken a weight of my shoulders,
I'm letting the sun back in.

'Cause you had me famed,
'till I come to you with a smile.
Now you try to fake it,
but I see it in your eyes.

Don't give me that!
I've got a feeling that you want me back
and it's a real thing.
The bang is a fact, no matter what you say.
Don't give me that.

I'm back in the game,
I'm starting to breath again.
This world that I found so unfriendly,
is making me laugh again.

And you stayed to cate,
and keep telling me goodbye.
But I won't back away,
now I've seen it in your eyes.


I've been lost without you,
and that's a naked truth.
I was just about to
been giving up on you, yeah!

(Git solo)
Oh, you want be back!

Oh yeah

Oh Just don't give me.
Just don't give me that.
Oh yeah I get a feeling
that you want me back,
that you want me back.
You want me back.

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