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Curse This Storm

This song is by Andeavor and appears on the album The Darkest Tear (2009).

Curse this storm, raging in my memory
My past too cloudy for even me to see
A flash of lightning, I nearly lost it all
I pray for thunder when the nightmares call

Look inside me, afraid to wake the curse
Hypnotize me, afraid to find the worst
Can't you hear me? I'm up against this wall

I can feel your pain, but do you think I care?
You feel you've gone insane, but are we really there?
Nowhere to run when your sub-conscience screams
And when my will is done you'll hope it was a dream
...And then you woke up!

I can't bear the strain, I feel I'm giving in
The dream inside of me awakens all my sins
And so, appear the stains, upon my hands again

The needle stings and blurs my weary sight
The skies piss crimson throughout my sleepless nights
I ride the hurricane until the morning's light
I pray for thunder when the lightning strikes

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