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Who Speaks For Planet Earth (2009)Edit

Who Speaks For Planet Earth?
Who Speaks For Planet Earth?
  1. Murmers Of...
  2. John Orr The Arsonist
  3. The Hospital
  4. Reinventing Robert Cohn
  5. Action Is The Anecdote
  6. The Atmosphere
  7. Cloak And Dagger
  8. Right Here Waiting
  9. Bed Of Nails
  10. Thank The Watchmaker
  11. The Alamo
  12. Insozzz...


The Hope We Forgot Exists (2006)Edit

The Hope We Forgot Exists
The Hope We Forgot Exists
  1. Standing Still
  2. With The Stars
  3. I Dream Of Letting Go
  4. Refutation
  5. Reason To Believe
  6. Suffering In Solitude
  7. Is Love Worth Dying For?


Where Are You, Christmas (2010)Edit

And Then There Were None - Where Are You, Christmas?
Where Are You, Christmas?
  1. Where Are You, Christmas? (Mariah Carey cover)

Other ReleasesEdit

On Compilations

Other SongsEdit

  1. Insozzz..
  2. The Atmoshphere

Additional information

Band members:
  • Matt Rhoades - lead vocals
  • Nick Masahos - guitars
  • Sarah Graziani - synth
  • Ryan Manning - drums
Former members:
  • Chris Gagne - vocals
  • Mike Moderski - bass
  • J. Sjostrom - guitar
  • Sean Sweeey - guitar
  • Derek Flanigan - drums
  • Garret Henderson - drums
  • Matt McCommish - synth, programming
  • Nick Kane Miskell - bass
  • Jeffrey Michael Cheever - vocals
Related artists:
Record labels:

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