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New Daily Dose

This song is by And The Golden Choir and appears on the album Another Half Life (2014).

Hands in the sky
Kissed before
She's dressed in black
Just like a whore

Whatever she says
Is never true
It floods my head
Her scattered clue

She's on my nerves
Her burning head
Never exhausted
She wants me dead

She has a deal
With heaven and hell
A beating witch
With her glorious spell

But her loud
Spinning pose
It's my new daily dose
She's my two sided rose
My anthem

All her faults
All her lies
And her walk
Through dark and light
Oh I know my sense is right
My anthem

Hands in the sky
Glorious hell
She causes noise
She likes to tell

And this is strange
And lasts so far
She fills my heart
With the way we are

Every sick needs this girl
I'm so headless, all in all
And I give everyone her name
And I will never be clean again

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