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Dead End Street

This song is by And The Golden Choir and appears on the album Another Half Life (2014).

You say this hide 'n' play is all destruction
I count seven numbers with closed eyes
Why is my favorite place under construction?
Where do you hide so wise?

There in the hall?, here in the back?

What have I ever done that you don't trust me?
I hoped searching was the only way to find thee
I am the hole in your bag, you are the soft prey
A careful free hidden love
Lets play, please, please

So I will catch you and hope
You're always in my eyes

Leaving the dead end street
I want to hide if
Everything goes to sleep
Hope it's enough

Leaving the dead end street
I want to hide where
Everything everything I need
Hope it's enough

Yes I know you found me at the gin fizz neighbours
You counted up to ten
And I was sentimental
I am the devilish shark in search of your sweet heart
You are the gun, keep shooting, shine into my darkness
And I know, you knee deep in doubt
You don't want me in your hide out
But we are still the golden ones

We don't have the same score
Only find thin boughs
On our walk
Such heavy work
Whenever we stop
Always a teardrop
And we tumble
As we hide and play
In love on a Monday
In pain on a Thursday...
Oh... dead end street

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