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Album by And One.
  1. Love Is a Drug Abuser
  2. Paddy Is My DJ
  3. Und Wenn
  4. So klingt Liebe (Ur Version 2005)
  5. Love You to the End (Ur Version 2005)
  6. The Sun Always Shines on TV (Live) Cover by A-ha
  7. It's a Sin (Live) Cover by Pet Shop Boys
  8. Big in Japan (Live) Cover by Alphaville
  9. The Great Commandment (Live) Cover by Camouflage
  10. Smalltown Boy (Live) Cover by Bronski Beat
  11. Blue Monday (Live) Cover by New Order
  12. True Faith (Live) Cover by New Order
  13. Sometimes (Erasure Cover Live) Cover by Erasure
  14. Only You (Live) Cover by Yazoo

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