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Fatum (Ill Fate/Noodlot)

This song is by Ancient Rites and appears on the album Laguz (2015).

A merciless Sea dragging you down, while the distant shore almost in Reach
Trying to find a way back home, when one's vessel stranded on a distant Beach
Like longing for a beam of Sunlight, in a world of hostile Frost
Adam and Eve reaching out for light, when already their Paradise is Lost

Finally declaring how great ones Love, while the lovers' heartbeat faded Away
A Terminal patient wishing for Life, but forever gone, yet another Day

A poet seeking Eternity, whose talents are drowned in Absinth
Wishing for a vast landscape, when King Minos sent you to his Labyrinth
At last innocence proven, built the guillotines' blade cut a minute too soon
Like a Vampire captured by a Midsummer Night, when the Sun banished the Moon
A young soldiers broken eyes, gazing at an empty, cold winter Sky
Never knowing why, on the Last Day of the War, he had to Die
Writing the words to a Poem, composing a Song, that no Soul will hear
Standing at Crossroads, never progressing, because all choices shall cost you dear

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