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The Epitaph Of The Phoenix Arising

This song is by Ancient Necropsy and appears on the album Sanctuary Beyond The Infinite... (2011).

Crucified bodies in the temple of the stones
The spirits is flying away
Temptation, Of the virgins in the altar of fire and smoke
Faces appears 'n' disappear inside the fog, ah!
The deep inside, of the aces she has fly...
The cold winds... a flame of fire
The dark horizons, arising in the air
Proclaiming the red sky, the vultures cry...
The immortals know, to fly beyond the time...
The ancient one. His time to crucify
Intervals I the spaces, a torment in the earth.
A rainy day in heaven, angels cry since the past.
A rainy day in heaven, the universe turn off the lights.
Escape of the holy inquisition to fly away, ah!
Crying in the effigies, the moonlight shadows bleed
The epitaph written with the tears of sacrifice
If the angels never die, why your reflections isn't here?
My prayers fly in torment, I'm a sinner yes I know
Crucified... at the temple of the stones
The spirits flying away...
Temptations of the virgins in the altars of fire and smoke
A phoenix is arising from the fire