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Mutilated By An Innocent Child

This song is by Ancient Necropsy and appears on the album Ancient Necropsy (2003).

In the ancient time
In some place of the universe
A family lived
Those beings were very similar to the humans
Physically they had the same characteristics. In a home
A beautiful mother gave birth to a beautiful son
With blue eyes
Golden hair
White skin like the snow
There was many diabolical spirits
They are in victim's search. A dark and fog night. An ancient spirit was able to enter to the home. and he entered in the thoughts of the creature. Now the baby had a very strange personality. The following day
Their mother will feed him with your maternal milk
And the baby immediately he bit the tits of her
The mom was very afraid
And bloodstained. the baby can already to talk. he took out their little penis and it put it in their mother's vagina
He goes for a knife
And begins to remove her organs
One by one
And put it them in the room
Then ran to search to their father
And with an axe cut him the head
The legs and every fingers
But the baby fought with himself
And for not to allow that the spirit used it to him for continues killing people
He decided to put an end to their short life with a shoot of weapon in their head