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Limited Golden Keys To The Paradise

This song is by Ancient Necropsy and appears on the album Sanctuary Beyond The Infinite... (2011).

Hold on... my irreligious child
Where are you going?
You can't enter to these paradise.
*Here in my hands,
I have the limited golden keys to the paradise.
Who were you? Where is your money record saved to the church?
First this sinners, murders, rapist, thieves, they must get one.
They kneel in front of the preachers. And told me their sins.
They bought the key first than you...
I'm sorry my brother-. I'm the preacher, I despise you.
'Cause you never respect the religious rules.
I know, you are a good boy, respect the nature,
Don't destroy the land, but you know. My business.
You know you are into a crual land. Made for me. Are you understanding?
I'm the real god. And you will rot in hell.

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