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Fucking With An Unholy Witch from Hell

This song is by Ancient Necropsy and appears on the album Ancient Necropsy (2003).

In a cold night
In my bed room
I was listening strange noises
I was very afraid. I could not move of my bed
I tried to get up and running
Bit it was impossible
I wanted to scream
But I could not speak. Ans began the despair in my self. Immediately
I felt the woman voice in my ears
But I couldn't to see
Then I was naked
And I was felt a cold lips in my dick
And began to suck it
I couldn't to control my body
My dick was very hard and up
And immediately began to appear an horrendous oldest witch tide on me
Fucking with me
She was naked
She had three wrinkled tits
And she descending the room until the hell
All the demons observing us fucking... immediately I shot her a portion of semen inside their vagina. And the bed room returns to my home immediately
And everything disappeared
Everything seemed a stranger dream

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