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Breeding On A Putrid Womb

This song is by Ancient Necropsy and appears on the album Ancient Necropsy (2003).

After that stranger dream
With the unholy witch from hell
I was traumatized. Because my dick had semen and smell to old woman
And smell to smoke and suppurate. The next night
The old witch returned to my dreams
But it was the reality
She was pregnant
She will give birth an horrendous fetus
An unholy demon of hell
But this is my son
Because my semen its inside of her putrid womb
But I could not allow that birth
I had to kill to the creature
In the next night
When the witch returned
But the unholy witch paralyzed my body
And sent to me out the space
Caught in a galactic fog
After of twenty centuries
I was unleashed
But returns to my life
In my bed... one more time
Other fucking nightmare...

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