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Abducted By A Killer Martian

This song is by Ancient Necropsy and appears on the album Ancient Necropsy (2003).

Observed from beyond
Where our look never puts the target. Camouflaged behind the stars
We are studied for a supernatural race
We are fruit of an experiment witch nobody never had discovered before. In the land
The life continued
And meanwhile in a mind of a mad scientific
He had many questions
He knew that the truth would find it in the stars
A night meanwhile the scientific walked across the cold forest
He found some unknown objects
Grabbed it
And ran until their laboratory
He began to investigate
And looked at the objects
And it was a black amulet with small symbols of gold and diamonds
And a book which looks like a bible
But the bible is blocked
That thing need to open up
Under the full moon
Now is the time for look the book
He opened it
And he looks unknowing images
Ancient maps and constellations
And the secrets of creation
The book speaks about the real truth
The scientific wanted to reveal the secrets to the world
But a killer Martian observed it from beyond
From the fourth dimension
Now is transported up to where it is and kidnaps him
In a big space ship
The killer Martian connects to him some hoses and pieced the head and brain
Now the scientific
Has mental deliriums
And horrendous visions
But it was reality
The killer Martian devours the body slowly
And begins to drink the sweet blood
Only for discover the truth. encapsulates the soul in a test tube for all the eternity...

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