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​With Anguish

This song is by Ancient Creation and appears on the album Moonlight Monument (2011).

I see it in your eyes
Just a touch of happiness
Divinity and pride
You came into my life
Took away my sinful ways
Destiny is right inside my mind

See what you've done to me
Pushed me to the end of time
Trapped you in my dreams
Lost forever in my soul
Never to be free again
Walk forever more inside my mind

Deep in the light I've come
To see you free of life
You are mine here today
Never tomorrow we runaway
Runaway to the dark
You are mine, free from time
You will see what's in my mind
You are free forever more you will be
Now what's in store for me

Trapped in my heart
I've given my spark of life
To set me free again
Lost in my soul our destiny's grown
From darkness hell won't bleed my sins

Deep in my mind
Burn the candles of time
A light to set you free of pain
Black is the dream
Only to be set free
With anguish the sorrow defeats again