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​Stories In The Snow

This song is by Ancient Creation and appears on the album Moonlight Monument (2011).

We know the truth is clear
That the end is near
Said the Sheppard to the lamb
Deep behind the eyes
Are vagrant hidden lies
Whispered life to all his men

Speak your blessing friends
This winter will not end
Speaking on into the night
Countless victims seek
Enslaving all his needs
Taking lives within his strife

I am seeing faces gleaming
Stories in the snow are screaming
No more laughter, pain is after
Faceless victims, senseless in their tomb

The taste inside is haunting me
Calling me to the place I shall seek
Fear itself speaks to me
Taste of life, life of blood sets me free

Chanting invincible
The taste of flesh endures
Empowering with life
Convert to death again
The blood of all his men
The ravaging of plight