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​Moonlight Monument

This song is by Ancient Creation and appears on the album Moonlight Mmonument (2011).

Feel me gazing at you from the night
Forever cast to darkness it's my life
You'll see blurs in shadows of my sins
Save my helplessness, the heresy begins

I am the night, creature of darkness
To walk the path, cast full of pain
I am the saint, victim of violence
Fear remains

Help me filter out the anger inside
Lost thoughts invoke the distance of my mind

Just surrender your life to me
I was awakened by your sympathy
Cast to shadows, angelic peers
A disarray of living, a disbelief of fear

Into these visions their unaware
Cursed by this prophesy calling me there
Lost in the shadows fearing the pain
Caught in the darkness forever remains

Cry out for redemption of my soul
Help me ravish out my evil goals
You'll need freedom from deformity
Moonlight bringing out the beast in me