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Drifting To Fade

This song is by Ancient Creation and appears on the album Moonlight Monument (2011).

Into the afterlife I feel you there
A glimpse of darkened shadows mist full air
Redeem reality between lost worlds
A faithful tragedy, deceptive words

You're such a pacifist defending lies
A truthful masterpiece, heavy hearted cry
A shot into the soul, a whisper in rain
Innocent of sacrifice bringing the pain

Blessed are you gazing there a decadent of lies
Trapped between the astral strains
Of darkness and of light
Let's speak in signals trying to explain
To get your life on track on the mental plains

See the faceless shadows hide
Caught between two lives

Deep into the light, see them fading
Souls without a life, the dead are gazing
Deep into the light, children screaming
Souls without a life, tears are flowing down

The meek follows the fools
Into the Darkness grim to poor
Possessed within the pain
Feeling of dread drifting to fade

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