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This song is by Ancestral Legacy and appears on the album Nightmare Diaries (2010).

We've been living with a grief
We've been up, and down and all around
We've buried all our feelings too deep in the ground
There's more to see that can ever be seen
There's more to find than can ever be found
There's more to life that our imagine surround

Close your eyes and drift away
Now you have shelter from the rain
You're no longer lost in fear

I'm scared of turning out the light
It takes my strength to face the night
I know when you are my guide
Everything is alright
How can a memory last this long
When even stars burn out and fall
We know that in the end
This happens to us all
I guess you know there's a reason
Why I'm crying here tonight!
Will you guide me like a beacon
And make sure I'll be alright?

You try to sleep
But the fear has taken over the night
When you close your eyes you see faces and places
You see dead smiles and yourself crying silent
Between two faces that you can never forget

It's like a razor on me
Sometimes dreams are coming true
Sometimes life gets in the way
Turn around and you'll see me fall
Open your eyes and you will see me cry
I'd walk for days through pouring rain
Just for you, and you alone

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