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...My Departed

This song is by Ancestral Legacy and appears on the album Nightmare Diaries (2010).

I watch you lay there
Withering before me

I fixate on your eyes... I will become lost within
My heart a fading whisper
Of the life I once knew
We drift away, knowing this is the end of my misery

I watch you lay there
Withering before me
In slumber I find solace
Eternal darkness awaits you

I look to the window
Dead leaves fall to the ground...
Graceful, they lure me away
Away from your loving gaze
I'm lost

You watch me, I lay here
Withering with you
Our eyes meet one last time
Why must this love end?
Emptiness awaits me
I take my last breath
These final moments
I must now cherish them

My mind is free of this pain
I lay my head on your shallow breast and dream...

As my heart fades, I become one with you
Please let me go... take with you the memories
I will never love again, this is my final goodbye
Your silence leaves this soul into pain
I would sacrifice forever to feel that love again
Embrace our shadow, the darkest of dreams...
Memories are dying as we fade away...

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