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This song is by Anberlin and appears on the album Blueprints For The Black Market (2003).

And we're driving just as fast as we can
and we're racing to outrun the wind
It's just me and you and you and me so wild and
so young, bright eyed and free
And we're trying to get out of here
and a small town romance draws ever near
And I swear we're in a movie
the highlight comes when you kiss me

The stereo sings our song
and we don't hesitate to sing along

Drive to dream to live, we could see the world tonight
Here to hope tomorrow we could see the world

And we're miles from the middle of nowhere
and neither of us seems to care
And that's why I love you so, shut your mouth girl
no one has to know
And time seems to drip like Dali
and neither of us has a place to be
So for once and forever tell me all of your dreams

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