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By Number

This song is by Anathallo and appears on the album Floating World (2006).

One: become the widowed son.
Them, to me, "Out of sight, out of mind."
Someone said that to me and I smiled.

Two: Listen as he sings through you.
Three: Close your eyes and feel alive.
Did you really feel it in his side?
No, it's just like him, but it's not him.
Without the beating, this feeling is guaranteed.

Oh, and I hide my face in the shade.
When I find my old place in the shade.
And I hide.

Anata wa mae kara
Ushiro kara,
Watashi o tori kakomi,
Mi te o watashi no ue ni
O kare mashita.


You hem me in
Behind and before,
You have laid
Your hand upon me.

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