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Not That Kind (2000)Edit

Anastacia - Not That Kind
Not That Kind
  1. Not That Kind
  2. I'm Outta Love
  3. Cowboys & Kisses
  4. Who's Gonna Stop The Rain
  5. Love Is Alive
  6. I Ask Of You
  7. Wishing Well
  8. Made For Lovin' You
  9. Black Roses
  10. Yo' Trippin'
  11. One More Chance
  12. Same Old Story
US & Canadian Edition Bonus Track
  1. Late Last Night
Japanese Edition Bonus Track
  1. Nothin' At All

Freak Of Nature (2001)Edit

Anastacia - Freak Of Nature
Freak Of Nature
  1. Freak Of Nature
  2. Paid My Dues
  3. Overdue Goodbye
  4. You'll Never Be Alone
  5. One Day In Your Life
  6. How Come The World Won't Stop
  7. Why'd You Lie To Me
  8. Don't Cha Wanna
  9. Secrets
  10. Don't Stop (Doin' It)
  11. I Dreamed You
  12. Overdue Goodbye (reprise)
    Bonus tracks
  13. I Thought I Told You That (featuring Faith Evans)
  14. Some Day My Prince Will Come
  15. Boom

Anastacia (2004)Edit

Anastacia - Anastacia
  1. Seasons Change
  2. Left Outside Alone
  3. Time
  4. Sick and Tired
  5. Heavy on My Heart
  6. I Do (featuring Sonny Sandoval)
  7. Welcome To My Truth
  8. Pretty Little Dum Dum
  9. Sexy Single
  10. Rearview
  11. Where Do I Belong
  12. Maybe Today

Pieces Of A Dream (2005)Edit

Anastacia - Pieces Of A Dream
Pieces Of A Dream
  1. I'm Outta Love
  2. Not That Kind
  3. Cowboys & Kisses
  4. Made For Lovin' You
  5. Paid My Dues
  6. One Day In Your Life
  7. Why'd You Lie To Me
  8. You'll Never Be Alone
  9. Left Outside Alone
  10. Sick And Tired
  11. Welcome To My Truth
  12. Heavy On My Heart
  13. Everything Burns
  14. I Belong To You (Il Ritmo Della Passione) (featuring Eros Ramazzotti)
  15. Pieces Of A Dream
  16. In Your Eyes

Heavy Rotation (2008)Edit

Anastacia - Heavy Rotation
Heavy Rotation
  1. I Can Feel You
  2. The Way I See It
  3. Absolutely Positively
  4. Defeated
  5. In Summer
  6. Heavy Rotation
  7. Same Song
  8. I Call It Love
  9. All Fall Down
  10. Never Gonna Love Again
  11. You'll Be Fine
    Bonus tracks on US Deluxe edition
  12. Beautiful Messed Up World
  13. Naughty

Other ReleasesEdit

  1. Baptize My Soul from I'm Outta Love (1999)
  2. Funk Medley from Paid My Dues (2001)
  3. Get Ready from Left Outside Alone (2004)
  4. The Saddest Part from Welcome To My Truth (2004)
  5. Twisted Girl from Sick And Tired (2004)
  6. Underdog from Made For Lovin' You (2001)
  7. Underground Army from Heavy On My Heart (2005)
  1. Amandla with Queen, Beyoncé, Bono and David A. Stewart
  2. Superstar from Andrew Lloyd Webber: Sixty (2008)
  3. You Shook Me All Night Long (with Céline Dion) from VH1 Divas: 2002 (2002)
Songs as a Featured Artist
  1. Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting (Live) (with Elton John)

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Caught In The Middle
  2. Forever Luv
  3. I Dreamed Of You
  4. I'm Out Of Love
  5. Lifeline
  6. Like Ice In The Sunshine (Long Version)
  7. Like Ice In The Sunshine (Short Version)
  8. Love Is A Crime
  9. Once Upon A December
  10. Play That Funky Music
  11. Respect (Live)
  12. Staring At The Sun
  13. Take This Chance
  14. Trop Lourd Dans Mon Coeur

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