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The Way To Eminence

This song is by Analgesia and appears on the album Beyond Illusion (2011).

By the hands I'm taking you so far away
The moon is somewhere dancing in the dark
Brightening so high, burning the dust
Shining among the stars

Ambition is the manure of eminence
A gift to those who've always dreamed of
We will be proud, we will be free
Perfection is the greatness of our glory

And when we fight, we always win
Cause hope is inside all of us
The courage exists between hope and willingness
Glory makes up our life

Fight, win, hope,
Proud, free,
Faith, beat, wish
Glory, Eminence

Our sun sets behind a blaze of eminence,
Something we have always dreamed of,
We will feel proud, we will feel free
Today, we will take the way to the glory.

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