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This song is by Analgesia and appears on the album Beyond Illusion (2011).

Amphion, Amphion,
This is me,
Walking, wandering, coming
Where is Amphion?
This is my Amphion.
We're all Amphion,
We are here,
Walking, wandering, coming home

How many heroes will fall for freedom...?
How many dreams... How many wishes...

I know you're there.
I feel you, I need you, I see you...
Walking, wandering, calling Amphion.

Pugno as are avi atum
Gratia libertas
Pugno as are avi atum
Gratia felicitas

The little bird is crying,
So far from you, so lonely...

I know he's there.
I feel him, I need him, I see him...
Walking, wandering, calling Amphion.

Amphion, this is my will.
Amphion, Amphion, this is my heart.
Amphion, Amphion, this is my mind
Amphion, you are the dream.
Where is Amphion?
Amphion, you are the hope.
Amphion, Amphion, we are here.
Amphion, Amphion, we need you.
We are walking, wandering, coming home.

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