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Torment In The Shebeen

This song is by Anal Stench and appears on the album Stench Like Six Demons (2003).

I'm here, drinking for over 40 years
My buddies have gone
And I see the darkness
Fuckm there's nothing
Emptiness in my head
Empty bottles heap up
In front of me
Fuck it's not bad
Methylated spiritit

Where are you Marian
Faitful friend of mine?
Don't care
Contained is here
I drink to you
Headless corpse hanged in toilet
Oh, If Mietek was here

I'm nervous now
I'm taking my axe

No, before I see the light
My neighbour has to die
Die humble worm
I'll play with your head
Carcass of shebeen
Tormented at shebeen

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