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Only Suffering Is Free

This song is by Anagnorisis and appears on the EP Ghosts Of Our Fathers (2012).

There is no existence outside yours
What lies as attainable comes at a cost
To make yourself bleed comes easy
The intrinsic value of self-mutilation

Acquisition of all things appear unbounded
But the true price is internal: suffering

I sustain a new process, download and correct
Escaping the cycle of thought, restore this lost confidence
Building a new way
Redefine freedom

Creating the life we want
Without the promise of "forever"
Trust was a mere illusion
Who do we blame for this betrayal?

Spiraling down into the abyss
Revealed is the only way out
Grasping at rocky ravines
Introspection through admission of doubt

How can every thought be tampered
When the catalyst is our own emotion?
Lay down your words and action
Accept this: only suffering is free

Giving freely, we've come undone
The restoration of spirit comes at a price
That which cannot be taken for granted
A new exchange of compensation
The baseline of self-worth and hope

Thunder rings out as the last word is spoken
A Doppler effect of half-truths and chaos
Find the facts, the theories, the price of existence
Accept your suffering and its place in reality
The relativity of all things will forever sustains

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