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Death Mimics Life

This song is by Anagnorisis and appears on the album Beyond All Light (2013).

Desired by none if not myself
Time spent in ill will and tail in mouth
As every moment proves worse than the last
This broken currency enough to repeat forever

So many mistakes
And with those even more regret
A claim of ruined flesh is now ruining me

Yet so many things broken inside and out
I carry the torch you left behind
A charred reminder of how this fucking ends

Eulogy laced with a silver tongue
As rind is ripped from the fruit of life
Boring out a void
And consuming the earth around me
Until there's no further down to fall
No success worth sharing
No markers to prove my worth
No words to match the power of yours
Only timeless loss
Mimicking your misery
Becoming you in death
And knowing when it can end

All that bound us was illness
Now it's only mine to bear

Forgone is this cycle
Endless desire to obtain fulfillment
Forgone is the desire to find peace
Within something so subhuman

I don't seek fortune
Just acceptance from the dead
Egocentric as dust lining everything
Taking claim to age and time
Existence lining the corners of a box
Marked for forgiven lies and physical abuse

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