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To Ashes

This song is by Anachronaeon and appears on the album The Ethereal Throne (2012).

Years went by without a sign
I moved around in different towns
God covered my tracks so I could roam free
Until the day when He would call for me

Now I lived as a guest
With a hospital widow and her kids
In a small town by the countryside
Where I could find some rest

I started to wonder if this life could be mine
Away from the killing and a life on the run
Was it possible that my future could be
In the shape of good times, could I finally be free?

But God called for me one cold starlit night
And reminded me of my work
This time he demanded cleansing fire
To prevent me from straying from the path of His light

Everyone was asleep, I could hear them breathing
In the house so cozy and warm
I went downstairs and poured gasoline
Stolen from a neighbor's barn

And I wept when I lit up the house
But I will be rewarded in the afterlife
I ran into the night, I could hear their screams
As I cried for them and my shallow dreams

Miles up the road a few days later
I saw the headlines about the fire
They blamed the neighbor farmer
And charged him of fulfilling his arson desire

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