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The Whereabouts Of My Father

This song is by Anachronaeon and appears on the album The Ethereal Throne (2012).

Again I pour my words into this diary
The press claims that my father disappeared when I was young
I would like to comment on this "fact"
So that I can keep my pride intact

When God assigned me to my task
He told me to get away from my father
He let his guard down once and was possessed
But I could see through the demon's mask

As my father fell asleep that night
I bound him and gagged him with ropes so tight
He looked at me with big eyes of fear
But this was not my father nor a creature of light

And the demon teased me and filled my head with lies
But I refused to listen and I closed my eyes
I went out of the house to breathe the evening air
The woods were silent and the sky so clear

God spoke to me with angelic voice
He let me know that I had no choice
If I set father free the demon would live
And that was not an option that He could give

An interrogation with a buzz saw
The demon screamed so loud when I took its arms
Blood spattered shelves and the kitchen floor
But the demon was begging for more

I hammered ten nails into each of its knees
And crushed both its feet with an anvil
Then I tore off its ears with my bare hands
Before I got the confession which made me pleased

I let it bleed to death while I dug in the night
And sealed its grave with concrete
My conscience did not put up a fight
I don't questions His ways, I'm at one with His light

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