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Shattering The Earthly Bond

This song is by Anachronaeon and appears on the album The Ethereal Throne (2012).

Where I dwell there is only darkness
My mind is a prison in itself
There is no way out and no voice is calling
This silence speaks too loud

I have to assume my mission is complete
To find the answers I must confront Him
Heavy chains they shackle me
But strength and faith will set me free

When the guards check on me tomorrow
They can read this diary
Resting upon this cold dead corpse
Known to the world as me

So hear me God, release me from my duty
Let me revel in your beauty

It is time I claim
What was promised me a long time ago
When life was still pure
When I knew no sorrow

My throne awaits
I will bow to no one but You
Shatter this earthly shell
Now is my time to walk beside You

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