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Seeds Of Darkness Sprouting In Light

This song is by Anachronaeon and appears on the album The Ethereal Throne (2012).

Six months on the run with me
And her belly is growing by the day
I know I can't make her love me like this
There is nothing I can do or say

She's become so skinny and I try to feed her well
But the cops are on to us, we cannot travel fast enough
Should I go down in a fight
Or should I do what I know deep down is right?

Should I set them free?
Where I go only pain will follow
That child is a part of me
Inevitably that will bring them sorrow

Is there still time to win back His love
I could end their lives for a blessing from above
I can't have it all so I need to choose
But no matter what I will be the one to lose

So long I've been struggling for heaven's sake
Must I doubt my life's work at the finish line
For something as fragile as mortal love
When the ethereal throne awaits to be mine

No, I cannot sacrifice my work
For something as uncertain as love
And that beast in her stomach
Would be a living proof of my disobedience

So I held her under water
Until she struggled no more
My job was done
And gone was the distracting whore