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This song is by Anachronaeon and appears on the album The Ethereal Throne (2012).

I have decided to write things down
So that the world can take part of my work
The things I had to do for God
I would not wish for anyone

But he chose me because I was strong
I was his tool to undo wrong
I have worked so hard through the years
But I never found innocence beyond their tears

I remember it like yesterday
I was high on life and the sun kissed my face
Mary was on her way home
I was not far behind and we were all alone

In the glade by the river I took her by the arm
She was scared but she did not utter a word
A temptress like the ones
My father had warned me about

When I tried to kiss her she fought back
And I knew she was a demon because I wanted her like that
She stopped breathing by the pouring of a stream of red
Invoked by the hammer that I smashed into her head

And I wept for her soul but I know she found peace
I could see her spirit vanish beyond the trees
This day God opened my mind and He made me see
I knew He would return to summon me

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