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Defying My Master

This song is by Anachronaeon and appears on the album The Ethereal Throne (2012).

This time I found myself in the woods
The result of a successful kidnapping
She was only seventeen, but I could be wrong
She was all the woman I needed her to be

I knew I had this coming
Since God wished her dead and I refused
She woke something peculiar within me
Which made me sweat and act confused

I defiled her twice to the sounds of her screams
She owned the key to the door of my dreams
And I could not let her die like this
Seduced by the sweetness of her lips

The hunter became the hunted
My connection with Him had seized to be
I was left to my own devices
But I never felt so free

I think I felt what others call love
It was a new sensation to me
All I ever knew I had to question now
And it made me sick to my stomach somehow

Whose orders had I been carrying out?
Was it Satan who spoke to me?
Am I a misunderstood servant of God in distress
Or the insane murderer they describe in the press

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