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This song is by Anaïs Mitchell and appears on the album Hymns for the Exiled (2004).

Hush you little baby
Don't you say a word
Here comes the devil
All dressed up like a mockingbird
And if that mockingbird should try to
Steal you off the ground
Momma's gonna grab on tight
And hold you down

Momma can you tell me
Where did my money go
What did the devil sell me
I don't even know
He's been pecking in my pockets
Diving round my door
Trying to take me with him
What does he want me for
Mamma told me
Don't let go the ground
Somebody hold me
Yeah, hold me down

Got the devil on my shoulder hollering
Beating his red wings
Saying Polly want a dollar
I don't care if you can sing
Put down that guitar now darling
You can't really play it
No matter what you got to say
You don't know how to say it
Momma told me
Don't let go the ground
Now somebody hold me
Hold me down

What's this coming
What's this coming
Coming over me
I can't stand myself
I can't even stand on my own feet

But momma told me
Don't let go the ground
Somebody hold me
Hold me down

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