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This song is by An Pierlé and appears on the album Mud Stories (1999).

High on the tower
I freak on heights
With a tear in every corner of my eyes
Desert storm is over now
Nothing to fear
With the sailor near...

High on the tower
I have seen second sights
To discover my saviour nearby
For the sun won't burn my head
As I walk around my tower
For the wind would blow the lashes of my eyes instead

Here we come
Here we try
Here we settle down for ages
For the Man Who Comes
To Save Our All Guts

But the Leppars lay ahead
Winning team by lengthless shoulders
Search the morning ground
Reach for the life bread

As I search for corners
Tired of the wide
I've been hissing at the angels
Who grab viciously at my eyes

Suzy sits upon her window
With her flaming thoughts and greedy thighs
The Sailor wore a mark in the right eye

Here we come
Here we try
Here we've settled down for ages
For the Man To Come To Save Our All Guts

See the level rises ahead
Sailor sits upon its shoulder
Soon enough he'll reach out
for the life braid
(I've grown for ages)

Dear Sailor climb the braid
My hair will not break
It will just ache a little while
But it will not break
Dear Sailor Saviour climb the stairs
My heart will not break
(it will just ache a little while)

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