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Sing Song Sally

This song is by An Pierlé and appears on the album Helium Sunset (2002) and on the album Singles & Rarities/Live In Brussels, Paris & Hamburg (2008).

Sing Song Sally
Hits the roads
She fled from everything
they foretold
Frankly spoken
They'd adore
to see her failing in her quest for
Love love love

Whoehoewoehoewoeheowoehoe hoe hoe

Little Sally
Shameless girl
They are just as jealous as you
Question their world
She'd say: "OK
I'll be going
All the way
But the hardest part of living
is from day to day"

Lazy days
in the sun
It doesn't matter if your battle's won
If it's done
Living day to day

It's so sad
Little Sally heads
straight to heartache
It's been said
Silly Sally
Heads straight to heartache
It's too bad
Silly Sally asked for a heartache
Lazy days
in the sun
It doesn't matter if your battle's won
It's fun
Living life
day to day
'Cause it's better to burn out than to fade
It's better to burn than fade to grey

It's so sad
Silly Sally heads straight to heartache
It's so

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